Carlo Rocchi Bilancini

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Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at New York University is pleased to announce Migration, a solo exhibition of the work of Italian artist Carlo Rocchi Bilancini. Curated by Carol Borelli, this is Rocchi Bilancini’s first exhibition in New York. On view from February 28 through March 23.

Rocchi Bilancini has always had an affinity for the mysterious, transformative qualities of water. Yet where his earlier focus was on individual character, here Rocchi Bilancini is concerned with memory and loss, two things that migrants always carry with them, regardless of weight. In thirty-four hauntingly beautiful colour images, Bilancini explores what it means to leave something behind. In so doing, he references not only the historic migration of his fellow Italians to the United States but also the current plight of refugees to Europe and elsewhere. ‘I am inspired by the hardships faced by those who have been forced to leave their possessions and loved ones in order to undertake an arduous journey.’ In this work, water is the element in which one identity is dissolved and another begins to take shape.

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