Carlo Rocchi Bilancini

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Unonell'unico is proud to present an exhibition of the work of CARLO ROCCHI BILANCINI Migrazione 5773, launching on July 7th 2018 at 18:18 in the UNU unonell'unico exhibition space in Todi (PG), via del Mercato Vecchio, 16.

After the exhibition Migrazioni took place at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo` at New York University, Carlo Rocchi Bilancini’s work will be on show at UNU pursuing the intention of the creator of this space, Carlo Primieri, which is to promote and highlight artists that have contributed to the cultural development of Todi, making it a reference point and meeting place for artists and intellectuals.

The exhibition includes the never-before-seen photograph Migrazione 5773 coming from the homonymous series of 2015 and investigates the relationship between past and present. The swimming-pools water in which clothes are photographed represents the means of change in which identities dissolve and others begin to take shape.

As Jill Foulston states in the catalogue: “However uneasily, the abandoned garments in Migrazioni have surrendered the forms of those who once inhabited them, and with the slow lapping of the water, they have transmogrified into the unknowable, yet vaguely familiar: the ghostly shape of a distant friend, an elusive lover, a departed person yearning to reassume a lost identity. Each person has left something behind. Is it a coat or a soul?”.

The work, thanks to its vitality, fits perfectly into UNU archaeological environment, blending the chromatic element with the natural stone of the Roman walls and the medieval vaults, loading the archway of a new dialectic tension. Inserted within the Mercato Vecchio Roman walls, UNU is a small exhibition space, which can accommodate only one work at a time, being really narrow and high. This peculiarity creates a direct involvement between visitor, space and artistic creation, thus fostering an almost intimate and suggestive relationship between the viewer and the photographs.

The exhibition remains open to the public until August 12th 2018, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00-12:30 and 15:00-19:00.

A catalogue with text by Jill Foulston ( Download PDF ).

Carlo Rocchi Bilancini, Migrazione 5773, 2018, stampa Fine Art su carta Hahnemuhle Photo Rag con grammatura di 308 g/m2 100% cotone, 170 x 100 cm. 1/7 (Edition 7/7+ 2 p. a.)

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